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Have you looked into my Done-For-You

Amazon FBA Automation service?

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Who is Katie Melissa?

Katie Melissa is a digital entrepreneur who creates e-commerce businesses generating multiple 6-figures per month. She began her entrepreneurship journey when she opened her first Amazon store over 6 years ago.

Katie has spent years mastering e-commerce methods, launching brands, coaching 600+ students from 10+ countries, and keeping up to date with the latest e-com and digital marketing trends. 

Katie has created updated courses on Amazon and Shopify selling. Katie has over 600 students from over 10 countries learning how to create profitable e-commerce stores on Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify marketplaces. 

Over the years Katie has been interviewed and featured in prestigious publications including Mashable, Entrepreneur, Maxim Magazine, Market Insider, Yahoo Finance, Future Sharks, 
Medium, Thrive Global, BuzzFeed, US Reporter, NY Post, NY Wire, The LA Wire, Kivo Daily, US Chamber of Commerce, Business Insider, and Payability. 


Her most recent and notable training is the new Blessed To Sell Masterclass. The BTS course teaches how to start a WFA (Work From Anywhere) Amazon business. The Masterclass covers dropshipping, wholesale FBA, private label, and digital marketing hacks from 7&8 figure earners & experts in the industry.


Today her primary focus lies in her Amazon FBA Automation service, through her company Elite Automation. Elite Automation allows individuals to take part in turnkey Amazon FBA stores and collect earnings (largely) passively. This service grants clients the opportunity to own a fully automated Amazon Wholesale FBA business under Elite's management. Katie and her team seasoned Amazon sellers with decades of experience and millions in sales collectively. 

At Elite Automation, we care about the longevity, sustainability and success of each of our clients’ stores. That is why we were among the first to offer a long-term Wholesale FBA business model for our clients.

By leveraging our combined decades of e-commerce and marketing experience, our prestigious distributor, warehouses, and logistics providers, we are able to stand out amongst the noise.

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View more of Katie's story and experience. Katie has been quoted, interviewed, and mentioned in several prestigious publications including Maxim, Entrepreneur, Mashable,
and BuzzFeed.

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Kenny Malizia, Student

"I have sold 3 of my new items today already and have another 2 pending orders! This is awesome!!!"

Yen Burrows, Colleague
Senior Product Manager, AdKarma

"If you are searching for an Amazon specialist, you do not need to look beyond Katie Melissa. Her exceptional techniques to attract regular customers to my page have illuminated her skills to a greater degree. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone and everyone I encounter."

Americo Vargas, Student

"Just hit a new milestone on Amazon. I had my first $2k+ day thanks to Katie Melissa's training!"

Alysa Rawls, Colleague
Key Account Manager, General Motors

"Whatever Katie does, she does it best! As an Amazon store owner and trainer, she is responsible for bringing several aspiring entrepreneurs to the top. She is presently ruling the roost due to her profound multitasking skills and exceptional data management techniques. Her services come heavily recommended."

David Tristan, Student

"I am so happy! Tomorrow is another day of listing! This was really fast. To be honest, I didn't expect to make sales this fast. I listed not that many items and I was only listing for 4 days so far but you were right with everything! I'm so glad I chose you as my mentor."

Mike Blankenship, Student
$10k in revenue first 2 weeks

"You do a great job coaching [my wife and I] and we're proof of that. If any of your students don't crush it, that's on them. They probably weren't committed enough.

Thank you for answering all of my questions. I know I have a lot of them. But both of us really appreciate you."




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Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.46.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.18.46

Blessed To Sell Amazon training is still available for purchase HERE.

Katie's exclusive Amazon training covers account setup, account health & Amazon basics, drop-shipping, product research, suppliers, wholesale, manufacturers, Amazon FBA, PPC, and digital marketing through Facebook & Instagram advertising.

Discontinued: No New Students At This Time.

Learn More

I am thrilled to announce my company provides a hands-off Amazon FBA Automation service.

This means my teams and I create an e-commerce store you from scratch. My team and I list products, handle customer service, account health metrics, daily operations, order fulfillment, product research, brand contract acquisition, prepping, packaging & shipping, and provide P&L statements monthly.

You sit back, relax, and enjoy Amazon payments every 14 days largely passively. We do all the heavy lifting.



Katie is currently accepting 10 students per month into the BTS Amazon program. This program is for those who are READY and serious about investing into the growth and success of their Amazon e-commerce business.

Some of the Masterclass content includes Mindset & Psychology for success, Dropshipping, Wholesale, FBA, Private Label, and Digital Marketing tactics taught by 7&8 figure earners in the space.




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Orange County, CA

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